Mandir at Central Jail

The Shree Durgiana Committee has made a significant effort to bring spiritual solace and mental peace to the inmates of the Central Jail. They envisioned an environment of religious harmony and constructed a beautiful mandir and satsang bhawan, along with a spacious langer hall, within the confines of the jail premises. The construction of these holy structures has provided the prisoners a sacred place to connect with their higher selves and harness a sense of inner peace. Furthermore, the Shree Durgiana Committee is committed to bringing the joy of festivals to the incarcerated community and has arranged for langar to be served during major Hindu festivals. This gesture has not only served as a reminder of their roots and traditions but also has proven to have a significant positive impact on the inmates’ mental health and wellbeing. Shree Durgiana Committee’s efforts in bringing spiritual and emotional healing to the incarcerated community have been commendable, to say the least.