Management Committee

To manage the affairs of the holy temple a committee was formed first in 1927.The present committee was elected on 24 July 2022. It consists of the visionaries, dignitaries & philanthropists of the city. They are continuously striving hard and working for its uplift. Following is the list of office bearers of the present committee:
President Prof. Laxmi Kanta Chawla
General Secretary Sh. Arun Khanna
Finance Secretary Sh. Bimal Arora
Manager Sh. Anil Sharma
Vice Presidents Sh.Sudershan Wadhwa
  Sh.Ramesh Kapoor
  Sh. Sudhir Sridhar
Secretaries Sh . Dharm Pal Choudhary
  Sh. Rohit Khanna
Patron Sh. Sudersha Kapoor
  Sh. Balbir Bajaj
  Sh. Santosh Gupta
  Sh. Piara Lal Seth
  Sh. Shart Shekhri
Joint F. Secretary Sh.Vijay Khanna
Dy.Manager Sh. Lalit Mohan Chandok