Goswami Shree Tulsidas Mandir

Ancient Shri Tulsidas Mandir, Circular Road, opposite Baba Bhauri Wali Gau-Shala was built by one Shree Chaman Lal ji somewhere around 1954. Idol of Goswami Tulsidas Ji was established. Later on , in order to make its access to the main Durgiana Mandir parikarma, Mehras donated about 400 Sq.Yds of land to the this temple in the year 1961. Hundreds of devotees sit daily to recite couplets from Ramchrit manas. The way to this temple goes just 100 meters away from the Gobindgarh fort and can also be accessed by circumambulation (pari-karma) of the main temple. 10 CRORES handwritten names of Shri Ram (RAM-RAM,RAM-RAM) are kept inside the Manzusha named Ram.