Shri Laxmi Narayan Rag Sabha

One of the oldest institution of the classical music THE SHRI LAXMI NARAYAN RAG SABHA was formed by the the music lovers of the state Sh. Gur Sahai Mal Kapoor in the year 1905. Its first sammalen was held in the same year at the place where Shree Durgiana Mandir was erected 20 years later in the year 1925 under his leadership and activism and is being held every year during holi festivals.

The Rag Sabha provides an opportunity to the music lovers to meet and listen to the the scores of artists at a single platform every year. Indian Stalwarts of indiian classic music, both ( vocal & instrumental) give their performance at this Rag Sabha every year during Holi Late Sh. Gursahai Mal Kapoor partonized the Raag Sabha till his death in year 1935.Thereafter The organization continued to received patronage of Late Sh. Madan Lal ji Kapur urf Sh. Maddo Mal served the orgnization till his death in the year 1973 .Shri Ram Lubhaya Kapoor, Shri Dina Nath Kapoor, Shri Lajpat Rai Khanna, Shri Jugal Kishore Mehra, Shri Raj Kumar Sachdeva have continued to serve the inherited cause of music.

Since 2006 advocate Shri Sudarshan Kapoor, Shri Sudhir Mehra, Shri Vinod Sachdeva and Shri Sunil Jain along with a dedicated team of music lovers of the holy city have also actively and enthusiastically associated themselves in successfully holding the annual Raag Sabha.