Shri Sheetla Mandir

This temple is more than seven hundered years old. The idol of Shitla Mata is situated in the centre of square yard area. Facing the Maa Durga is a lion of brass in standing position and a temple of Lord Shiva in a small temple of about 6.5 ft in height .In the rear of this temple is an old Beri. It remains green throughout the year. Devotees worship this tree and get their desires fulfilled .Devotees also visit this temple for getting treatment to cure various ailments of their children by taking Charnamat from this temple. Lakhs of devotees offer raw lassi to Maa Sheetla ji to fulfill their wishes . A grand festival is held in Sheetla Mata temple during Navratras of Maa Durga in the month of Chetra and Ashwin.

It is said that Mata Sita used to visit this temple of Durga Mata to perform puja The Temple is about eight km. from the Ashram of Maharishi Balmiki where Mata Sita spent last years of her life.